Introducing Gambi

2 min readDec 30, 2020


Hey there!

We are the team of engineers and crypto optimists and are happy to announce Gambi — an evolution of yield farming with gamification tokenomics.

Project Description

Gambi is a yield farming project which allows stakers to earn interest by adding liquidity into Gambi token GMB pools and staking GMB LP tokens. However, compared to other projects we do this much more interesting and with more fun 🌈. By staking GMB tokens users will receive GMT (game token) which gives you free access to all games and is a sort of a gas in ethereum network. By playing and winning in games you will receive more GMB. Sounds cool, right?

Even with a small amount of GMB you will be able to earn a lot if you are lucky 👑! And yes, a lot of great and interesting games are coming to the Gambi platform.

So let’s the game begin! ⚽


GMB (Gambi Token) — ERC20 governance token with fixed supply (10M). Gambi will be available in liquidity pools and exchanges. GMB holders will be able to take active part in community life via governance. After initial distribution GMB can only be minted by playing games.

GMT (Game Token) — ERC20 token which can only be farmed by staking GMB LP token. GMT will allow stakers to play games and win more GMB. Or if you are not a player (shame on you), feel free to sell GMT to someone else.

A fixed amount of GMT Tokens will be distributed weekly and divided between GMB LP Token stakers proportionally to their stakes. The more you stake the more GMT you receive 😉.

Slots Game (TestNet)

Our Team is also happy to show you our first decentralized slots game which allows you to try our product in test mode.

Game is working on Goerli test net so anyone may take part so far.

Please go to our website to enjoy yield farming and playing.


We are planning to release Slots game in the nearest future but it’s obviously not the only thing we are working on for you. Stay tuned or ask for games in our telegram


To prevent initial GMB token price manipulation and secure project development we are planning to do GMB token presale in 2021 Q1. Please follow us on Twitter to not miss it

Thanks for reading this post and good luck, players 😎!